Creating and Enhancing ICT Centres

IWA Relief Cameroon partners visit one of the IT centers earmarked for ongoing collaboration.

The key reasons for IWA's active participation in the creation and enhancement of ICT centres are:

i)To build ICT capacity of job seekers who are lacking in necessary computer skill levels;

ii) Empowering Vocational Training centres to provide adequate training to the less privileged, to enable proficiency for self employment.

Our work in in Cameroon takes into account state policies that are designed to enhance social standards in low income communities.  Considering the Implementation Strategy within the scope of the Cameroon Vision 2035 (quote:the government, including Stakeholders will look for ways and means to maintain growth at high levels, to achieve Millennium Development Goals no matter how late and to ensure that the population is entirely mobilized in the fight against poverty alleviation on less privilege persons and poor communities”) amongst others, rents for a reliable follow are better managed when handed to Foster Institutions thatIWA Relief through its partners actively participate in creating ICT and centres as well as empowering existing centres available to communities we work with.

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