IWA Relief

Propelling Oneness, Love, and Solidarity

IWARelief partners with companies and institutions to create opportunities for poor and marginalised people.

Is your company or institution interested in helping the less privileged? Partner with IWARelief

Our goal is to help reduce general suffering by helping people  gain better access to health services, employment, basic goods, services and better livelihoods  on fair terms. We recognise that building models that work for both communities and businesses is not easy. Inclusive business models which deliver economic growth and positive results for poor people requires the trust of local communities and deep knowledge of development issues. Our extensive experience creating innovative and strategic partnerships with private sector companies leads to the development of better expertise and resources to create large-scale sustainable poverty- fighting projects, benefitting both companies and communities across the world.

Have you got a passion for public speaking and want to help IWARelief? Our passionate volunteer speakers bring IWARelief’s work to life, helping us to get people across the UK talking about our vital poverty-fighting work. You will support us by acting as an advocate for IWARelief within your community and engaging the public about the work that we do. Your support will help us in raising awareness, inspiring action and raising funds for IWARelief’s vital work. If you want to find out more about becoming a volunteer speaker you can phone us on 07786682926 Or Contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Company Fundraising

Want to do even more? Why not make IWARelief your Charity of the Year? It’s a fantastic way to motivate staff while raising funds for IWARelief’s poverty – fighting work around the World.

Every year IWARelief will organise a wide range of amazing fundraising events around the UK. Getting involved as an event volunteer is a great way to support our work: you can help us to run an amazing event and at the same time give our supporters a fantastic experience. Doing this encourages some great fundraising along the way for IWARelief’s essential life-saving work.

Fund Raising from Marathons

There are so many ways to support IWARelief and help change lives of some of the poorest people in the world from running a Marathon to taking Part in a walk.

Fundraise with Schools

Try our Gender Teaching Resources for secondary schools - learn, fundraise, and help us to tackle inequality.

Fundraise with Your Community

Get together with your church and other community groups to fundraise for IWARelief. Get ideas, inspiration and advice for your own fundraising activity or event .

We need your support. Donate and help make a difference now.